Comparing Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duckduckgo Search Engines

Starting in about June I noticed an interesting trend in my traffic – search hits and traffic from tumbled to 0 – no kidding 0. Now I don’t get tons of traffic in the first place, but I get a decent amount and was usually seeing 20-30 search hits and page views coming from Strange. What do to?

Read Up on Google and SEO

First thing I did was make sure I was posting site maps via Attracta – and also confirming that Iwas not getting blacklisted for some reason. I registered my site with Google Webmaster tools and added the Google Analytics cookies to my site. While doing all that I watched in horror as my daily traffic totals fell 300%. Sure enough when I search on for my site even using the exact titles of blog content, I get nothing. the only way I get a hit on my site is if I include the exact hostname. Very odd indeed.

What about other search engines?

I’m a big Google fan – android and all – so I painfully went on over to and searched. I searched on this:
         Location Services and GPS on Android
The results are somewhat surprising and can be seen in the gallery below.


You can see in the screen shots that does not list my site, but,, and all the others find my site on the first page. If you search back thru all 25 pages of hits on you’ll see that my site is not listed. What is up with that?

So What’s a Part Time Blogger To Do?

Apparently not much – I sent a message to Google, but no replies. I’ve listed my blog on a bunch of services with no improvement in hits. I’ll keep plugging away at this and when I find a solution I will be sure to post. I can’t be the only person facing this problem.

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  1. huan says:

    Yeah I agree your search returns on google suck. maybe you’ve been blacklisted by some joker?

  2. Beren says:

    I’ve been working hard to try and improve my google hits and it seems to be working. I’ll post something on using google’s webmaster and google analytics in the hopes that someone else having similar issues can benefit.

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