We Are Saab!

Willow Grove Saab and Kelly Saab are sponsoring a rally – will be going I hope to say WE ARE SAAB!

Check out the above or saabsunited.com.

From today in Sweden:

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Great time today at the rally from Willow Grove to Kennett Square. Met some nice people. Largest gathering of Turbo-X’s that I’ve seen.

There were 4 of them – plus some other really nice cars including a beautiful classic 900 Trurbo Convertible.

To start below is a collage of the cars before we left Willow Grove (there was about 15 of us) – mine is in the middle. We were the lead car to Kennett Square. We drove 276 to 476 and down Route 1 and past the Brandywine Revolutionary War battle field.

It was a nice drive down on a cold day at 27F this morning. I figured that out after I washed the car and was wondering why water was freezing before I could get it toweled off properly.



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