Thingol’s Gift

My father in law Thingol, the King of Doriath, gave me a great gift for Christmas – a $50 gift card at Wegman’s. For those who have not experienced Wegman’s, you have my pity. To me Wegman’s means three things:

  1. Beef – the best steaks and roasts available
  2. Beer – an amazing selection of specialty beers including an excellent choice of Belgian beers
  3. Sandwiches – IMHO the best sandwich you can get.

So off I went – but since I already have a good supply of steaks, I’m hunting for beer! One of the best things at Wegman’s – in this case the Warminster PA store – is the “make your own six” where you can make a six of your own from their single sections for $12 bucks – not a bad deal at all. 

There’s the beers I picked out – coming in at $48.96:

  1. Delerium Tremens
  2. Southern Tier 422 Pale Wheat Ale
  3. Great Lakes Burning River (like the REM song I guess)
  4. Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale
  5. Ommengang True Belgian Dubbel
  6. Yards Extra Special Ale
  7. Smuttynose IPA
  8. Sapporo Premium Lager
  9. Duvel – a four pack with a glass!

Pretty good deal I think considering the glass is included! Now I’m ready for tomorrow’s Steeler game.

But wasn’t there something else? Oh yes – the sandwich. I had some change left over. What can a guy do with the remainder on a gift card? Get a good meal I say!

That’s Danny’s Favorite – an Italian style hoagie on just made bread with everything spices and also with Wegman’s special garlic and spice oil and vinegar. Fantastic sandwich – and of course its gotta have a Claussen pickle…not to mention a Victory Pale Ale (another 4.5+ beer!) to wash it all down.

Now that I’ve consumed that its time to walk the dog, take down all the holiday decorations, put in some miles on the treadmill, and then enjoy a few of those beers…

Oh yeah – no I don’t work for Wegman’s or any of these brewers 🙂

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    Ur making me work while you are pigging out and drinking beer! Grrrr…social tools are working fully now.

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