Technical Help

Posts focused on fixing, repairing, or recovering software or hardware when it is broken or not working right.

Configuring macOS For Software Development

macOS for Developers

So you got yourself a new machine and configuring macOS for software development is presenting a bit of a challenge? Perhaps looking back at your old machine you wish it had been a bit cleaner setup? Well I sure do. This post will be a living post where I keep adding up the tips and tricks on macOS for a…
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Hell and Back with the Panny DMP-BD80 Blue Ray Player

My wife brought home “Drag Me to Hell” – a silly horror movie starring er well no one in particular except the stupid “Mac guy” from the TV ads. Bowl of popcorn in hand, beer sitting next to me, I’m ready to watch this flick. In goes the Blue Ray disk and after getting thru all the menus, pffffftttt…nuttin. WTF?…
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