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How to Internationalize iOS Apps – A Quick Guide

I find my myself routinely surprised about how little information is available on topics that would seem to me quite obvious. Today I decided to try to internationalize app I’ve built – create some locale specific date support and foreign language sets. I figured this would be pretty simple…d’oh. A quick peek on developer.apple.com yields a few docs however many…
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Top 10 iOS-Xcode Things I Constantly Forget

I mess around with a bunch of different programming languages. There’s always things you forget how to do as you switch between PHP, Java/’Droid, HTML-CSS-JS, and Obj-C. Rather than constantly google the same thing over and over, here’s my short reference list of the things I use frequently, but not enough to have it memorized about iOS, XCode, and OS-X:…
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Tripping Through Xcode and iOS

I’ve been playing around with iOS and apps. As an experienced programmer with C/C++, Java, PHP, etc. Xcode and iOS is an “interesting” experience. I think there’s a certain level of discomfort when you are used to writing and seeing all your code vs. trusting the IDE to do a lot of the work for you. A great example is…
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