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Wicket, Tapestry, Vaadin – Framework Fun

I’ve been poking around with “new to me” frameworks for a while. I would like to replace my main website with something that I can use to program (currently it is straight HTML5). I’ve played with Wicket and Tapestry – both seem ok, but wicket seems to mush everything together, has a fairly small community, and leaves to you all…
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Liferay…I need a Life Jacket; Giving JBoss Portal a Try.

After completing my previous post on Liferay I began to see that things were really not deploying properly from the EXT environment. I went back and tried the simpler plugins SDK and continued to experience more trouble getting just the basic portlets to build and deploy properly. Thus a series of forums posts (which were always answered quickly and in…
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Revisiting Portals with Liferay 5.1

I started using portals back BDB (before .bomb) with Plumtree and Epicentric portal platforms. I always believed that these tools had tremendous potential and I still do (a mashup is just a reworked portal, right?). Portal platforms showed a lot of promise, but were caught in the hype and hysteria that swept thru many enterprise organizations as they tried to…
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