Some Interesting Software News

I don’t do this very much, but I saw a few interesting software news items on the internet recently that I thought I would post here.

Firefox Reboot?
We all know that Chrome has really taken out Firefox over the past couple of years. Is the ailing Mozilla team considering a “re-boot” a la hollywood? Maybe:,news-16910.html

Thoughts from Martin?
Martin Fowler is a pretty sharp dude that gets to the point. Thought Works is a pretty cool place so when they get into mobile then I generally pay attention. Here’s “thoguhts” from Martin on mobile development:
I like that presentation tool too 🙂

Health IT – please meet OpenMRS
I’ve been doing quite a bit of poking at OpenMRS – looks pretty cool. Why build on all these expensive and proprietary tools? If you are into HIT (healthy IT) then you really should check it out:

Drupal 8 –> Symfony
Read my blog – I’m a drupalite…but as Mr. Dylan says “the times they are a changin”…Drupal 8 alignes fairly close to Symfony so it is time to get ahead of the curve and explore Symfony 2:

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