Security and Reality

I’ve been running my blog for a while now and finally I’m tired of the security crap. Its a bit sad I guess. My blog is pretty small – I don’t use ads or make any money at all on it. I do it for fun, hope someone out there likes it or finds the content useful, and because I find the content useful since I often forget things and I can refer back to my own blog.

If you try to run your own blog – be prepared. There’s a constant stream of people that will try to hack your blog and sometimes they will be successful. It sure get tiring after a bit. I’m not quitting, but I have been implementing more and more restrictions on my blog for who can sign up, who can get a login, and new features to limit login attempts. Sorry if I’ve deleted an account you created here – but I seem to be getting a lot of odd looking accounts created from and If you registered from one of those domains recently – I deleted and will continue to delete registrations when email addresses look auto-generated.

I’ve also added a plugin to limit login attempts and hacking against passwords. I may also start to whitelist and blacklist domains.

Not sure what motivates people to hack a blog like mine. Reminds me of people that key cars – just randomly walk down the street vandalizing things for no reason. Stupid.

Reality is that I suppose I’ll get hacked every now and then. WordPress isn’t the most secure system.

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  1. dave says:

    I’ve noticed a few people on Facebook lamenting the fact that some people (you know who you are) are ruining the experience. Glad to see you’re not quitting and thanks for not deleting my account.

    • Beren says:

      I even get hacking attempts against my main web site, which gets only a small amount of traffic and is just plain ol HTML5.

      • Beren says:

        After a week of monitoring things – I’m up to about 70 different IP addresses attempting to break into my blog. Pretty strange. I’ve done a few more things so I’ll update my post on wordpress hosting.

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