Mobile Programming

How to Internationalize iOS Apps – A Quick Guide

I find my myself routinely surprised about how little information is available on topics that would seem to me quite obvious. Today I decided to try to internationalize app I’ve built – create some locale specific date support and foreign language sets. I figured this would be pretty simple…d’oh. A quick peek on yields a few docs however many…
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Top 10 iOS-Xcode Things I Constantly Forget

I mess around with a bunch of different programming languages. There’s always things you forget how to do as you switch between PHP, Java/’Droid, HTML-CSS-JS, and Obj-C. Rather than constantly google the same thing over and over, here’s my short reference list of the things I use frequently, but not enough to have it memorized about iOS, XCode, and OS-X:…
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Parsing JSON and Object Mapping with RestKit

So now that I’ve got the basics of getting data, what’s a guy to do? Parse it baby! I’m going to be sticking with some pretty basic tasks around store and product location searches. I’m also going to stick with since things are going pretty well with this. What’s Life Without a Roadblock (or two)? Well without challenges life…
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