Programming, software development, and software engineering are a passion and Tarn Aeluin will have many articles on these topics and computer science in general.

Configuring macOS For Software Development

macOS for Developers

So you got yourself a new machine and configuring macOS for software development is presenting a bit of a challenge? Perhaps looking back at your old machine you wish it had been a bit cleaner setup? Well I sure do. This post will be a living post where I keep adding up the tips and tricks on macOS for a…
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Traveling to Benin with

Welcome to Sohon

My son and I recently traveled to Benin Africa with to do our part in breaking the cycle of poverty thru education with a focus on computer technology and programming. It was an amazing experience: sometimes humbling, occasionally intimidating, and always exciting. We’ve returned to the USA without malaria :-). Here’s some details and pics about what we saw….
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