Porsche 911 Enchants Computer Geek

Its been a pretty crappy spring at Tarn Aeluin in the Northeastern USA – rainy and cold. Little or no chance for driving my Porsche 911. I got up this morning and was met with bright rays of sunshine, but that’s nothing newConfused by a 911. With morning temperatures hovering in the 40-50F range even on good days its been impossible to get my Porsche 911 out.

Went downstairs to get my breakfast thinking maybe today was the day. Luthien had the news on and sure enough up came the weather report – 57F already!!! Whoo-hoo! 5% chance of precip! Whoo-hoo!!!

First Drive of the Year!

Since its the first time I’m driving to work this year, I gotta get a bunch of crap out of the way (lawn mower, wheelbarrow, etc.), get the cover off, get the top off (most important part). Slug down some coffee and breakfast…out the door…car starts straight away. Giddy up….and go!

Perfect weather and a great drive to work! If you get a chance to own a Porsche 911 – go for it. Mine is an older car and frankly I paid less than $30K (a lot less) for it. It is a blast to drive one of these cars especially a Targa or convertible.

After the 32.6 mile commute I pulled into the lot at work and immediately had a sinking feeling. I didn’t quite know what was wrong, but I was missing something. It was like a part of me had been left behind. As I pondered what could be wrong my hand drifted to where….uh my backpack! OMG!!! What…oh crap my MBP! My machine! I forgot my computer!!! OMG – I’ve been seduced by a car! LOL

Thankfully Luthien agreed to meet me halfway at the Dunkin Donuts with my backpack and then I could dash back to work and just make my 9AM meeting. Well on the good side I got an extra ~50 miles of driving in!

I think I’ll have to spend some extra time this weekend coding or doing something to make it up to my laptop. Of course if the weather is nice…

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