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9,000 Miles, a Coat of Wax, and a Turbo-X

Its been 9000 miles and about 5 months since I last mentioned my Turbo-X. I get a lot of questions about my #19 from friends, family, and of course the predictors of doom (those...


Going Mobile with RIM’s BlackBerry 8100

Recently I’ve been looking at mobile application development with J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition). Programming on mobile devices really is a tricky problem. Screen sizes are all different, memory is very constrained, processors are...


Using Seam 2 and JBoss Portal Pt.2

This is the second post in my quest to screw around with JBoss Portal and Seam…the first post is here. Seam is an application framework based on several different technologies: JSF, Facelets, EJB3, and...