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Update for December 2016

Christmas Skull

Wishing all my readers a Happy Holidays and New Year from Tarn Aeluin. Update is a big word at Tarn Aeluin!. After nearly 2 years, I’ve re-enabled comments. I’m hoping that Akismet and other features will control the spam. We’ll see – just this year alone I have almost 70,000 spam comments blocked with commenting completely off! In 2016 we…
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2016 Gardens of House of Beor

Bachelor Buttons - i wore these at my wedding.

I love growing things and flowers are at the top of the list here at Tarn Aeluin. This year the 2016 Gardens of House of Beor are especially prolific. The spring was certainly challenging with an early start and then a series of frosts. The hydrangeas were especially impacted. Roses have also been a problem. I’m just starting to get…
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