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Motorweek is a staple of the car world and generally is known as a solid and impartial source of reviews. Here’s a quote on the new Saab 9-3 series cars for 2008:  “there is no better handling front-wheel drive car on the planet than a Saab 9-3.” Well that’s super cool – and quite an astute and intelligent comment 🙂…
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What a day!

Well I have to tell this story because I had a great day today. I was asked to come into my son’s 1st grade class and talk about what exactly I do where I work. I admit when I was first asked, I hesitated because I thought – wow how could a 1st grader (here in the US this is…
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Moving Forward

Well I guess I like wordpress better than blogger. I’m not too sure why, but I think it goes to simplicity and ease of getting started. Blogs are great and all, but I want something that is easy. As you get to know me, I’m a tech guy and a programmer, but I get enough hassle from that. I want…
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