Moving Forward

Well I guess I like wordpress better than blogger. I’m not too sure why, but I think it goes to simplicity and ease of getting started. Blogs are great and all, but I want something that is easy. As you get to know me, I’m a tech guy and a programmer, but I get enough hassle from that. I want a blog that is easy and just lets me author things easily that I want to send out to my friends and family.

I’ve started to look into this blog service more and more and it seems ok, but I admit that the limitation on templates (ak skins) is kind of a bummer. To me being able to deploy your own skin is really a must have for a blog – blogs are supposed to be your personal diary. How many of us really want a cookie cutter blog? Lame…so it may turn out that my time here is short-lived.

Nevertheless I’ll post here for a while and talk about a few things.

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