More Tweaks and Stabilization on Tarn Aeluin

I’m continuing to tweak and stabilize things here at the lake.

Tweak: What’s been done

  • removed the HighSlide gallery tool and replaced it with Image Gallery Re-Loaded
  • added in wp-jquery-lightbox for single image lightbox effects
  • updated to PHP 5.3 (which was kinda scary). Considering 5.4, but there are lots of “issues”
  • Updated WordPress SEO to 1.4.9 – which caused lots of issues yesterday
  • Tweaked the code in the Busby theme to get its SEO crap to play nice with the main SEO engine.
  • updated Jetpack ann applied the 3.5.2 WordPress release that just came out
  • continued to add more CSS tweaks and touches as needed to get things working properly across browsers. This weekend I plan to look at the mobile design. I’ve done nothing with that yet.

Some thoughts on Tweaks

Phew – that’s a lot to tweak. When I updated WordPress for SEO yesterday I guess I was doing this a bit too casual. A reminder to myself and all that you shoudl always test a plugin update on a dev server. It was a simple thing to just change the folder name and get back into the blog system – which was rendered inoperable by this patch. Thanks also to the plugin team for being on top of it and responding quickly. A great testimony to open source and supporting your code.

That little tweak debacle inspired me to update my rev of PHP – which of course I also “just did it”…but at leat in this case I don’t have much control. My hosting company controls what rev’s I use. 5.3 seems to work Ok. 5.4 seems to have some object warnings that I need to disable and things like this.

Let me know if you see issues please 🙂

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  1. Beren says:

    I’ve abandoned the Busby and UpTheme stuff. For whatever reason I think the SEO stuff included in the theme was interfering with the Yoast SEO tools I have installed. I could see my page impressions and hits dropping since I installed it. We’ll see if things recover now with Graphene installed. Now I guess I’ll just keep Graphene – it is a very comprehensive theme. I’ll start looking into font support and a few things like that.

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