Juice It Baby – Dodo Juice!

If ur a regular here then you know I just got new tires on my Saab. Being the picky car guy that I am, I refuse to allow my car through the automatic machine of death that other people generally refer to as a “car wash”.  There’s no better way to screw up your car than put it through one of those scratch machines. Well – new tires need a wash and a treatment to get all the goo and stuff off and protect the rubber. I opted for a set of Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires installed by the guys down at Great Britain Saab  (aka Willow Grove Saab). Dodo Juice looks pretty nice.

What About Tire Rack?

Ok – I can hear it already: who’s the jack ass that opts for getting screwed by a dealer rather than just going to tirerack.com and going the cheap route? I did my homework and when you look at the whole package of tires, shipping, tax, installation, wheel balance, alignment, etc. my dealer’s total price is the best deal, plus I get a good relationship with my dealer and I get the job done right for my Saab.

Cleaning up with Dodo Juice

Anyway – back to the issue – how to get snappy looking tires. I’ve tried all sorts of sprays, gels, and stuff (always a mess IMHO). My brother in law (um uh oh Luthien didn’t have a brother…) got me (for Christmas) the latest wacky stuff to make your tires look good – Dodo Juice Tyromania. I guess this stuff is some kind of wax and oil combination that you can apply to your tire – sort of like a gel, but it is a black paste-ish wax stuff. Well my tires need something as you can see in the pic to the right – click the pic for hi res. The tires have all the funky goo they use to slip ’em on the rims.

Its a pretty nice tire I think – but man look at all that goo. Here’s some more goo – here’s what the Dodo looks like:




Yikes – well I’ll wear some gloves when working with this stuff. Its a bit cold out today – probably not the best weather, but I’m going to give this a go. First up of course will be a wash of the whole car and a towel dry of the car. To apply it there’s a sponge in there and you just wipe it on. It takes some work to get it evenly spread, into all the cracks, and into all the lettering. I just took my time and tried to not get too much on the rims. The paste is pretty loose stuff and spreads pretty easy.

I wore some latext gloves (yellow since the Steelers are playing today in the playoffs), but I think in the end it wasn’t necessary. I was able to get the stuff into all the little nooks and crannies, while at the same time not leaving anything to “sling off” the tire. Here’s a shot of the tire so you can see:

Dodo Juice Results

That’s pretty decent. The can says you can use a water spray and a poly towel to buff the tires to a satin shine. Hmmm…really? I’m thinking not true – but maybe it is too cold out – it is about 45F today. Anyway I prefer the no shine look. Things looked a bit blotchy at first but after about 30-60 minutes in the sun, things are looking pretty nice. It was also pretty simple to clean the juice off the rims – a simple wipe down with a cloth was all that took.

Here’s a final pic – all pics are of the same tire.


The next test will be time…how long does it last. In my experience a spray or gel lasts a week or two. Dodo claims two months for this stuff – we’ll see.

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  1. Beren says:

    Well it dosen’t last two months – I would say about 3-4 weeks in the Northeast during winter. Not too bad.

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