Image Galleries for WordPress – Something Simple

So I wrote this big long post on galleries, but after finishing that and looking at my We Are Saab post I wondered if there was something simpler. Yes there is! What is this glorious discovery? Well there are two components:

  1. Basic lame WordPress galleries – yes there is basic barebones stuff included.
  2. Highslide 4 WordPress *reloaded* – a plugin that brings a super cool galleries JS library to WordPress blogs is where you can go check out this really nice gallery tool. I’ve used LightBox and Thickbox and a bunch of other galleries and this one is pretty nice – lots of cool features and options. Highslide 4 WordPress includes the latest scripts for this JS library plus automation to get it installed and working.

I looked into the galleries, played around on my dev box, and decided to install this on my main blog. Works pretty nice and adds just enough to the basic galleries to probably make them good enough for most of my purposes. nextGEN does cinlude some level os support for Highslide, but I could not get it to work. To be sure NextGen has a lot of nice gallery features so if you are big into pictures that might be a better choice for your blog. For now I’m going ot go with this one and see if I can get one of the fancier “carousel” style Highslide galleries working.

Checkout my blog’s pics to see it working. There’s a few different styles to play with – I’m still seeing which one I like…here’s a fee cool pics.

Kudoz to Solariz the author!

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