The Huan Project – Working on the 911

Yeah ok – I’m Beren and Huan, my Prosche 911, is my traveling companion…or at least he’s willing while Luthien is involved. 🙂 Since

Topless! Love that rear window.

Topless! Love that rear window.

this car thing was her idea I figure that makes it an appropriate name. I’m going to have a series of blog posts and DIY type things as I start to work on my Porsche 911. There’s a bunch of things I plan to do myself and a bunch of things I’ll get a wrench to do. Then of course there are a bunch of things that I don’t know about yet.

What needs to be done?

I’ve already done a few things like replacing all belts, replacing the brake slave and hoses, fixing a switch on the fog lights, and tightening up the wheel bearings. I fixed up the shifting setup and I also replaced all the CV joint boots. That’s a pretty good start.

Here’s my current laundry list of things in order of priority:

  • Targa top – this bumped up to top of the list after the last rainstorm. Currently the car cannot be left out even in a mild rain. Not good.
  • Catalytic converter – need this to become street legal. I’ve got the unit and will get it installed along with a Bosch O2 sensor ASAP. Would also like to get a matching Fabspeed muffler – looks wicked cool.
  • Front ride height: The ride is very cool and low, but too low. Tires are getting cut by the fenders. I think I will have the fenders rolled. This will require quite a bit of work to hammer and mold them. Then the fenders will need to be painted – pretty expensive, but I think its worth it. I can’t get he car’s inspection approved without fixing this and the only other choice is raising the car back to factory height – lame and more expensive.
  • G50 Linkage: The linkage tends to clunk around. I’ll need to see why and tighten it up. My guess is the PO had a short shifter in and threw the original back in just prior to sale.
  • Oil lines: Slight leaks all over the place – I’ve got my eye on a set of lines, thermostat, and a new oil cooler from Elephant Racing. Nothing urgent, but no doubt the entire set of lines need to be replaced.
  • Center console work – the center console needs to be replaced. I’m considering making a complete mold and kit for the parts. We’ll see how this works out.
  • Suspension: Would like to replace the torsion bars and other suspension components.

Dreaming Big

Well – that’s the short list. There are many more things that I would like to do and I’ll use this post as the master post for the work I do. There’s definitely a bunch of things I want to do if I can find the time:

  1. Rebuild the engine: This would be really fun, but also a 6 month project.
  2. I’m starting to like the linen interior, but it still needs a lot of work. I’d like to completely replace it with new.
  3. Complete paint job. I admit I’m a paint snob and having a world class concours finish would be great.
  4. Brakes: would like to rebuild these as well and perhaps upgrade them, but not sure this is that important.

Ok – well – off to the Targa Top!

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  1. Beren says:

    Fenders rolled and cat installed – street legal!

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