House of Beor’s 2017 Gardens

It was a very difficult spring at House of Beor’s 2017 Gardens here in Eastern Pennsylvania. A fairly warm winter, when many plants started to bud, was followed by a very cold spring (7-9 days of ~ 15-20F weather with 8-10 inches of ice and snow). This really impacted our flowers, which were already starting to bud out. Roses, hydrangeas, tulips, and daffodils were hit hard. Pretty much all of our Daffodils/Narcissus lost their blooms. That was pretty terrible because they were looking to have an especially magnificent spring display.

These pictures are all taken with a Fuji X30 or a Google Pixel with Andrid 7.1.x

2017 Gardens – Early Spring

Our early spring flowers follow in this slider-gallery. Click to open a light box.

We’ve recovered well from the early weather issues, the grass looks amazing, and the flowers are out in full now. I hope you enjoy our pictures. We have several new things this year as we have replaced many of our roses (I’m sick of fighting the Japanese beetles).

2017 Gardens – Late Spring/Early Summer

Here’s our late spring and early summer flowers. Again click a pic to open a light box.

We have a few types of flowers yet to come so I’ll add a few more later on in a mid-summer gallery. We have made some major changes, removing most of our roses. The task of dealing with Japanese beetle attack and also black spot disease was just too much. The roses also simply did not climb the way I envisioned, largely because starting in July they were just getting consumed by those darn beetles no matter how drastic I got with sprays and traps

So replacing the roses are more rhododendrons, Encore Azalea, and some hollies that should do well. I still have 4 roses so we will see if the reduced concentration works to keep the massive hoards of beetles at bay.

Now enough of this flower stuff and back to Kotlin 🙂

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