Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day out there to all the guys with kids – myself included I guess. Besides getting to watch World Cup games, my wife bought me an amazing supply of beer: Stone IPA, some Flying Fish HopFish IPA, ND Fullers ESB. In addition I got a bunch of fine Belgian stuff including some St Bernaards Abt 12, Kasteel Rogue and Tripel, Omengamg’s Three Phiosopher’s , and a few others. Well hey – that’s just way cool – so expect some additions on the big beer list.

Go USA – we’re still in it. Go Denmark too – wow. I still think the Dutch and Germans are the guys to watch. Give it up to the New Zealanders getting a draw with Italy. The Italians are in serious trouble, it will be interesting to see how they course correct.

I also got surprised with a Pinnacle kit of car detailing goodies including their crown jewel carnauba wax. If you don’t know Pinnacle and you care about your car then you should check it out especially if you have either a black or red car. So on Father’s day I spent a good 5 hours with my car washing, clay bar treatment, taping and waxing. My Turbo-X is about 2 years old at this point and has 33K miles on it. I love this car – its a fantastic ride, handles great, has a great sound system, and well I could go on and on. Here’s some pics from the shine session.

My arms are sore and tired, but I’m very happy with the deep shine and smooth feel. I washed with Pinnacle’s coconut shampoo, then I clay barred with Meguiar’s clay bar and Quick Detailer lubricant. Then I use Pinnacle’s Souveran wax. This is the first time I’ve tried this wax – although my original dealer told me to use it – this is a really nice product. I taped the entire car and then put the wax on. It turned to a light haze quickly (it was pretty hot out today at about 87F and 70% humidity). I did a quick buff with an ultrafiber. I waxed the entire car a section at a time, doing a quick buff with each section. I Then went over the entire car with a random orbital buffer with a sheepskin bonnet.

The wax is the best wax I’ve ever used. It really went on easy and came off very nicely. Its pretty pircey, but now that I’ve used it I think it is worth it. The car’s shine is very deep and it is really mirror like. The next test of course is to see how it holds up over the hot summer.

In the detail kit also was some leather treatment – cleaner and then conditioner. I’ll give that a shot next week – although my leather is pretty clean so I probably won’t really be able to testify to that product’s efficacy. The wife  got the kit from State of Nines – decent guys over there.

Here’s the rest of the pics:

After finishing off the car and mowing the lawn a couple of those beers were pretty darn nice. 🙂

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  1. Beren says:

    Couple of people have asked – yeah it was that hot, but no I did not do the job in the sun. I had my car pulled into the garage while doing the clay bar and wax. Otherwise it would have come out like crap.

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