Graphene Aggravation

I’ve updated to the latest Graphene theme – but you’ll see lots of funky crap. Kind of aggravating. I check the update releases and I suppose I could deploy to a test environment, but come on guys document the changes! You’ll see the slider controls all of a sudden got all ugly and on a separate line – not in the release notes. I’ll fix it with CSS changes, but it sure is annoying. I guess I’ll start to hunt around for some other options.

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  1. huan says:

    Applying fixes to the theme – there’s just a bunch of subtle CSS fixes – I should have tested it before letting it out. Sorry all.

  2. Beren says:

    Dang dude – blown trust….

  3. Beren says:

    Ur cut off….all fixed now.

  4. Beren says:

    I’ve added in W3 Total Cache to try and boost speed and caching of the blog – we’ll see if it gives a boost.

  5. huan says:

    Can run jmeter against the site with it on and off to get a measure.

  6. Beren says:

    Wow – what a difference! Much faster! I should also work on image optimization too.

    • huan says:

      I’ll have to tune some caches and also tune down some of my graphics – but so far performance is quite a bit better – about 300%.

  7. Beren says:

    Finally got favicon’s working everywhere – what a pain!

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