GM – An American Embarassment – Fight for Saab

I’ve written about this before – Saab cars are innovative, unique, and a true joy to drive and own.

GM is trying to dump them they say – well dump away I say “winding down” is just crap.

They have several potential buyers, you can find all the details at SaabsUnited. Well – why the “wind down” then? griffin_bigWhat exactly is the problem? Why don’t they just come out and tell their customers?

What really gets me in how GM is just tossing aside customers and saying “heck we’re not getting what we want so we’ll just shut it down. The heck with customers that bought cars.” Say what you want about Saab, but how’s that for attitude? I’ve got a 2008 Saab – top of the line. Where does this leave me or anyone else that trusted GM to stand behind it’s brand. Some people say the US gov’t is behind the push to just get rid of Saab – because they are “foreign”. Well I hate to  break the news, but there are a heck of a lot of US taxpayers that will get screwed by a shutdown of Saab. If you ask me – I’m happy to see any of my TARP $$$ going to the company that will keep my car running (not to mention the brand I would like to drive for the foreseeable future).

Saab has several buyers ready to go, but all we get is static from GM. This stinks – fight the man – if you have a Saab or even appreciate the innovator starved for cash, struggling to get out products with no funding, and hate the big-cheese attitude of these people so willing throw away customers and to trash 5-10K people’s career’s simply out of stupidity and stubbornness then head on over to and put your voice in the queue.

BTW: If you want to see a really great blog and news reporting service on the internet, you should check out I have no idea how this guy (swade) gets all his information/news, but he makes the mainstream media look pretty impotent.

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  1. ernie says:

    Not to be a dick, but please list a “saab” innovation that has happened in the past 10-15 years. Or anything that makes them unique. something that isn’t the key going into the center console.

  2. Beren says:

    Oh – the haldex XWD? Other things? Adaptive head restraints, turbo-charging in general. There’s a variety of other safety features as well. HOw about the world first production biofuel ( hybrid car?

    Not enough? How about the 5-cylinder adaptive engine?

    More recently how about the world’s first drop in electric replacement concept car?

    The point is that they have not been allowed to innovate thru financial starvation…

  3. S Fales says:

    I, like so many Saab owners, are ready to boycott GM. I have been signing petitions all over the internet from Saab History, etc., and am on my way to sign I want to thank you for being another who wants to save Saab, as it is all I have owned for over 25 years and just bought my 16 yr old a Saab 9-3. I cannot imagine any other car I would let my children drive. My ex-husband was a Saab mechanic and we have seen plenty of cars after an accident that would have killed the passengers if it was almost any other car. I hope everyone who reads this will sign the petitions.

  4. Beren says:

    Myself as well – who knows if this will work. Being an american I find the whole thing sad for a number of reasons. Mostly I know that they will probably dig their heels in a screw Saab no matter what. That’s the American thing to do. I hope not – we will see…

  5. fingon says:

    Fugm – you rock beren!

  6. JON says:

    I find it amusing that so many people seem to delight in the demise of this wonderful company. I suppose it’s human nature to hate what one doesn’t understand.

    Griffin up!

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