CES 2019 Electronics and Home Tech

Yes – there is an “E” in CES and this page is where you will find it. TV’s lead the way, but there is more here than just televisions. This year there was quite a bit more about gaming, especially in LVCC South. There were also a lot less drones. There’s also an annoying fascination with cell phone cases – literally all over the place.

Royole Flexible Screen

Royole Fold

Bang! Right inside LVCC South was Royole (yes, that spelling is right) with a flexible screen phone/tablet device. The device’s screen folder right in the middle with support from a hinge. When it gets pretty much folded in half the down side turns off. I asked about lifetime and was told “survives 100K folds”. Hmm…ok. Seems like it will break long before that.

Atari Pong – Redux

Atari Pong

Pong re-done as a physical game. I didn’t get the full story here, but it looked like fun and a lot of money so I passed right on by…the cup holders are cool. They had units meant for arcade’s (like this one) and units meant for home that were lower down and with seats.

COSMO Safety Helmets

COSMO Ski Helmet

COSMO makes several different kinds of clip-on or inserts into helmets that bring very cool safety features. This one is meant for skiers. It has crash detection and emergency (SOS) calling based on a number of conditions (crash and no movement for example).

I believe the ski version is still on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The moto version is on the market and includes a number of very features like turn signals, crash detection, exatra lighting for your helmet.

Gigabyte Computers

Gibabyte-MS Azure

A couple of interesting laptops from Gigabyte sparked my interest. The first was optimized for working with MS Azure AI functions.


The second was a gaming laptop with really nice graphics refresh rates (visible inspection) and a very thin and light profile. Even while a full game was going the fans were not running. Lots of connectivity options too. Screen looked very crisp. I’m impressed by this machine.

Its interesting that gigabyte is getting more and more into building their own machines.

Loctek Bike-Workstations

Lots of people like walking/treadmill desks, but IMHO bike riding desks are better for people with computers. I’ve been a Loctek fan for years, this year their bikes have added stability and they also have a full sized desk and matching bike. Looks good to me!

Televisions Big and Bigger

No CES post is complete without the TV roundup and I will not disappoint. I have to say that Sony really blew me away. They are the kings of TV and of course they charge for it.

Several TVs are based on AndroidTV. I checked out the UI on a Hisense TV and it seemed quite intuitive and very snappy in terms of performance.

However for those on a budget there are awesome TVs from Hisense, TCL and others that will bring you joy while watching your favorite movie or sport. So enjoy my collection of TV’s and comments:

Hisense AndroidTVLG Rollable OLED 1LG Rollable OLED 2LG Rollable OLED 3LG Rollable OLED 1LG Tunnel 1LG Tunnel 2LG Tunnel 3LG Tunnel 4TCL Curved PanelTCL Cinema WallSharp - Still in the gameSony - AwesomeSony LEDSony OLEDHuge Sony Panel

Miscellaneous, but Noteworthy Tech

Nomad Power Adapter

My fingers are getting tired with all of this, but we’re down to the end. CES is great because there is a lot of crazy stuff. So here’s my final gallery of loose ends.

I’ll start off with a picture of one of the most useful things I saw – Nomad. Its a power adapter that is compatible with every country on earth (all 195 power plugs). Really cool! Fairly lightweight. The plastic feels like top quality.

There are some really great products in the gallery below. Some of my favorites are the IoT enabled beehive, the light sabres (but I think I would break them in a real fight), and the Silent Spaces devices. Enjoy!

Nordic Bluetooth 5Nordic IoTCounter Top OvenNails PaintedLooks GoodCubeSchlage LocksSilence is GoodBi-athalonModern Bee HiveModern Bee Hive - InsidesNeed A DrinkMixlogix - side view

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