CES Day 2 – The BIG Day

CES Day 2, the BIG day, is here, but before we get to that it is also Eureka day! Eureka is the startup and venture funding area where ultra-small companies are showing what is coming 5 years from now. We explored this area in great detail today and will go back tomorrow to finish up. We saw lots of great ideas and lots of things that are seemingly odd, strange, or just not very good. However the enthusiasm of this primarily young group of entrepreneurs and foreign startups makes it all worthwhile. This afternoon is mostly taken up with our big show at TAO.

Eureka – That’s Cool!

The first thing we saw interesting was owletcare.com. This is a sock with embedded sensors that monitor the basics of HR, movement, etc. for a owlet1 owlet2newborn baby. The idea is not to drive the parent nuts with a crap load of data, but simply to give re-assurance that everything is cool with the baby – most importantly that the baby has not stopped breathing. Simple device and mobile app to monitor things. Pretty slick. The device can be removed from the sock for washing and battery charging. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures – it was pretty crowed and I was getting bumped around. Check out their website. Why did it make the list? It is simple, cheap, and I can imagine this would be great for many first time parents who are a bit nervous about leaving the baby. It could actually help parents to get them comfortable with leaving the baby for longer and helping to get the baby to adopt better sleeping patterns.


These things are shoe inserts (innersoles) that have embedded sensors that record data around your stepping. The idea is that if you have an injury or are training and trying to improve your running, data around your performance can inform you about how to improve.

v-stride2 v-stride1

Kinda neat because they are super simple, cheap, maybe even disposable. The battery lasts for two weeks which would be great for an athlete recovering from an injury or a patient recovering from some kind of leg surgery like an ACL tear.


A German company that does not yet have product in the USA, this home automation tech is pretty cool. Basically what they have is a set of pre-built blocks for controlling electronic gear in your house. The solution can work with anything as long as the control units are electric –

faucets, stoves, lights, shutters/blinds, etc. The solution integrates with the electric wiring system in your house as opposed to a separate wireless network. That is interesting. This means that it runs on the wiring and installs at your breaker panel. It is a firmware based solution so it reboots almost instantly if the power goes out. They also have interesting integrations with Amazon Echo for command control and IBM Watson for Q&A services.


Want to evade oversight of your stuff? Want to get access to your home network remotely? Want to browse the internet without being tracked or snooped. This is the device for you. Pretty slick little device. Leverages the Tor network to get you on the internet with true anonymity.

The BIG Demo

It went perfectly – great work by a great team! We followed thru on our commitment to create solution for helping people that have to go thru a joint replacement prepare for the surgery and then recover to improve outcomes and lower costs. Pretty cool!

I decided to break up the posts for each day because the page was getting pretty big and heavy.


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