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CES 2019 - Google Everywhere 0

CES 2019 Roundup

CES 2019 just wrapped up a couple of days ago. I spent 4 days at this monster of an event and have organized pics and technologies into robotics, health tech, electronics, and transportation. Overall...

Honda P.A.T.H 0

CES 2019 Robots

Robots at CES continue the trend of increasing presence in many venues. This is a trend that started 3 years ago with seemingly silly robots. This year’s are not that much better, but you...

Up and Running 0

MacBook Pro 2016 Reaction and Setup

My MacBook Pro 2016 reaction and setup for development is a key milestone. A new machine, lighter, refined, with a very slim set of ports and connections. This is my fourth MacBook Pro, starting...