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Web programming dominates the internet and is a key part of any programmer’s bag of tricks. Tarn Aeluin will cover off on all the latest in web programming and software development.


Configuring macOS Big Sur for Software Development

Configuring macOS Big Sur for development can be accomplished in many ways and certainly varies based on the kind of development work that you want to do. Building on my earlier post for prior...

Debugging React Native 0

Reacting to React-Native – Building Native Mobile Apps

As a follow on to my post about building web applications with React.JS, this post will be about building native mobile apps with React-Native. I’m not a JavaScript guru so as with my previous...

React App Structure 4

Reacting to React.JS – Building Web Applications

React.JS is making a splash on both the web application and mobile (with React Native) software development scenes. I’ve used many JavaScript frameworks. Because I’m a snotty Java and C/C++ guy, I have never...