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Using TabNavigator 0

Getting Around with React-Native Navigation V2

Getting around with React-Navigation V2 is quite a bit different from V1. Well – ok its totally different. That’s a good thing – there were some pretty limiting factors with V1 of the package....

Debugging React Native 0

Reacting to React-Native – Building Native Mobile Apps

As a follow on to my post about building web applications with React.JS, this post will be about building native mobile apps with React-Native. I’m not a JavaScript guru so as with my previous...

macOS for Developers 0

Configuring macOS For Software Development

So you got yourself a new machine and configuring macOS for software development is presenting a bit of a challenge? Perhaps looking back at your old machine you wish it had been a bit...

bitbucket web interface 3

Code Management with git on OS-X

Code Management with git on OS-X is a pleasure most of the time. Git is a huge improvement over subversion. Its faster when working over a network connection and once you get used to...


Visual Simulation and Prototyping

The use of visual simulation and prototyping tools are critical for today’s web and mobile software developer. These tools allow users and developers to collaborate on user experience, screen/storyboard flows, and the interaction model...

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