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Using TabNavigator 0

Getting Around with React-Native Navigation V2

Getting around with React-Navigation V2 is quite a bit different from V1. Well – ok its totally different. That’s a good thing – there were some pretty limiting factors with V1 of the package....

Debugging React Native 0

Reacting to React-Native – Building Native Mobile Apps

As a follow on to my post about building web applications with React.JS, this post will be about building native mobile apps with React-Native. I’m not a JavaScript guru so as with my previous...

macOS for Developers 0

Configuring macOS For Software Development

So you got yourself a new machine and configuring macOS for software development is presenting a bit of a challenge? Perhaps looking back at your old machine you wish it had been a bit...

bitbucket web interface 3

Code Management with git on OS-X

Code Management with git on OS-X is a pleasure most of the time. Git is a huge improvement over subversion. Its faster when working over a network connection and once you get used to...

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