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How do you Say Goodbye to Dad

How do you say goodbye to Dad? It is not easy to summarize your relationship with a parent on a website in 2-3 paragraphs. I was a Cub Scout in 1977. My Mom was...

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Simply Vacuuming with Simplicity

Technology counts, even in a vacuum. Simply vacuuming with the Simplicity Synergy Plus vacuum is not only a great way to clean your home, but is also an essential healthy living requirement! Recently we...

CES 2019 - Google Everywhere 0

CES 2019 Roundup

CES 2019 just wrapped up a couple of days ago. I spent 4 days at this monster of an event and have organized pics and technologies into robotics, health tech, electronics, and transportation. Overall...

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CES 2019 Electronics and Home Tech

Yes – there is an “E” in CES and this page is where you will find it. TV’s lead the way, but there is more here than just televisions. This year there was quite...

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CES 2019 Transportation

As technology works its way into all forms of transportation, it is becoming difficult to distinguish between vehicle and electronics and tech. You saw this very much in 2019 with a splattering of vehicles...

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CES 2019 Medical/Health Technology

Medical and Health Tech has exploded over the last 3 years. This year we are starting to see serious medical applications like clinical grade ECG and EEG analysis as well as surgical simulation systems...