About Tarn Aeluin

Beren_Master_LargeBeren was the son of Barahir and Emeldir. He was a Man of the royal House of Bëor of Dorthonion, and arguably the most accomplished hero and adventurer of the First Age…

Ah yeah – Seriously

So ok – you passed the test and survived that. In reality I’m a technology professional at a major health care company. I manage a team of software architects, engineers, and programmers that build solutions that help patients and doctors manage chronic diseases and improve the quality of life that patients and their families experience.

The point of Tarn Aeluin is really just to be an outlet for creativity. To share stuff I do with friends, family and colleagues, and perhaps be a place to vent about the stuff that drives me nuts. I hope you enjoy it or find it useful. Most of the content will be related to software development, programming, and some bits on hardware. I’m also a car guy so there will be some posts on cars, detailing, and occasionally on car restoration related to my 1988 911.