Webdav on Windows 7 – What to do?

If you’ve installed Windows 7 and are trying to figure out why you can’t write anything back to your web shares you are not alone. Apparently the gods over there in Redmond decided that it was just too easy to use webdav with SharePoint, Alfresco, eRoom, etc. etc. etc.. Under the guise of “security” they have basically made it so that the native webdav support on Win7 will only support NTLM V2 – which basically means you’re screwed unless you happen to be using a recent version of Sharepoint.

How convenient….right…developers developers developers…

There’s a silver lining here – since I use alfresco for crap quite a bit I went on a search for a new client and found  BitKinex. Wow! Great tool! Its freeware and it is amazingly fast. You can’t believe how much faster than the native Windows junk ever was. Even if you are on Vista or XP  – if you are using webdav this is a must have in my book.

Even better the client will do FTP and SFTP (see ya FileZilla)…if it supported SCP that would be the coup de grace!

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