2008’s Top Reads

Hey thanks for reading my posts. It’s fun writing things – it helps me learn things faster and if I can help get the word out about something new and innovative then that’s good too. Here’s a list of the top 10 most read posts for 2008:

Images & Galleries in Drupal 66,436
Drupal 6 Theme Positioning4,635
Using Views in Drupal 63,036
Driving the Saab Turbo-X 1,957
Liferay…I need a Life Jacket; Giving J1,244
Working with Drupal Themes Pt. 11,118
Taking a Break with Ubuntu 8.11,045
Drupal 6 – Bringing CMS to the Masses1,040
Building Modules with Drupal 6978
Toad for MySQL – A True No Brainer Decis950

In 2009 I’ll be continuing to post about technology, software/programming, Saab, and things that drive me nuts (and I don’t mean cashews).

Best wishes for a happy, safe, and relaxing holiday season.

Beren Erchamion.

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