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Building a New House of Beor Website with Foundation 6

HOB 2016

Its been somewhat embarrassing for quite some time that my main website has a less than ideal responsive layout – ok fine its not responsive at all. Building a new House of Beor website is something I have just pushed off for a few years, I suppose because I’m more interested in other things (android, swift, node.js, beer, etc.). Finally with the company opening, it is time to take this on. Foundation 6 is a modern website framework that…
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Android Tips and Tricks for Developers

Virtual Device Manager

Its been quite a while since I did serious Android development. Now that I’m getting back into it, there are a bunch of Android tips and tricks I’ve forgotten and then new tricks I don’t want to forget. Like my other posts for PHP, Node.js, Java, etc., I’ll use this post as my reference for all the super-secret stuff that makes development easier. The use of Android Studio (AS) (2.1.2 at the time of writing) on OS-X (10.11.5 at the…
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2016 Gardens of House of Beor

I love growing things and flowers are at the top of the list. This year the 2016 Gardens of House of Beor are especially prolific. The spring was certainly challenging with an early start and then a series of frosts. The hydrangeas were especially impacted. Roses have also been a problem. I’m just starting to get a few rose blooms now – very late for the season. Azaleas are especially impressive as are the lilacs. I hope you enjoy my…
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Porsche 911 Enchants Computer Geek

Confused by a 911

Its been a pretty crappy spring here in the Northeastern USA – rainy and cold. Little or no chance for driving my Porsche 911. I got up this morning and was met with bright rays of sunshine, but that’s nothing new. With morning temperatures hovering in the 40-50F range even on good days its been impossible to get my Porsche 911 out. Went downstairs to get my breakfast thinking maybe today was the day. Luthien had the news on and…
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Working with PHP on OS-X: Tips and Tricks

Working with PHP on OS-X requires tips and tricks if you want to maintain your sanity. I have a similar post for the world of Java on OS-X. I was recently playing around with Magento 2, an open-source eCommerce solution, and had enough trouble that I wanted to be sure that everything I learned would be handy for myself and anyone else that thought they had PHP working ok, but had a few things to enable. As with my Java…
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