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Taking Shine to the Next Level with Pinnacle and Porter Cable

Porter Cabler Kit

Last weekend I slaved away for about 7 hours trying to get the shine back on my 2011 BMW X5. Results? Mediocre. Time to kick it up a notch with a set of Pinnacle products and a Porter Cable X424HD polisher from My X5 is in decent shape, but with miles and shopping carts it has quite a few battle scars that simple clay and wax just can’t fix no matter how hard you try. Can my new tools…
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Appgyver, Steroids, and Composer – Cross-Platform Mobile Dev

I’ve been working with Titanium quite a bit lately. Its ok for getting apps to work, but no doubt the learning curve is pretty steep. There are just enough quirks in the JS, CSS (I mean TSS), etc. to kinda be a pain. I played a little bit with AppGyver last year and thought it had potential. Now that Titanium and Appcelerator are going thru a bit of a burp with the new platform, taking a look at AppGyver and…
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The Gardens of House of Beor

I forget what this bulb is called, but the blooms look interesting.

The Gardens of House of Beor are my method for getting a break, some exercise, and creating a nice place to live. All coding and no play makes Beren a grumpy and unimaginative fellow. At our current house I’ve had a lot of fun with the gardens because my son has been helping me and we pretty much had a clean slate. The previous owner only did some things in the front yard – and I’ve replaced most of that….
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1,500 Miles on a 2015 Mazda 3 Hatch


I picked up my new 2015 Mazda 3 SGT in March and have been zooming all over the Northeast with gusto. This is my first car from Asia, Japan of course, so it was definitely a bit of a gamble on my part. Its been an interesting reaction from friends and neighbors as they try to comprehend the move from BMW to Mazda. A drive to Morris Plains, NJ and back to Doylestown, PA put me over the 1,500 mile…
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Mazda3 Hatch At Tarn Aeluin


After 37 months it is time to say good bye to my 2012 BWM 328i and say hello to a Mazda3 hatch. Although I found the BMW 2012 328i a reliable and steady commuter throughout my lease, there was just something missing for me in the car’s spirit and performance. After a long search and look at many different cars and options the Mazda3 5-door Grand Touring S was my choice. What? You’re Kidding, right? A Mazda? LOL – yeah…
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