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Working with PHP on OS-X: Tips and Tricks


Working with PHP on OS-X requires tips and tricks if you want to maintain your sanity. I have a similar post for the world of Java on OS-X. I was recently playing around with Magento 2, an open-source eCommerce solution, and had enough trouble that I wanted to be sure that everything I learned would be handy for myself and anyone else that thought they had PHP working ok, but had a few things to enable. As with my Java…
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Macbook Pro Boots to a Dark Screen

MBP Gone Dark

Its that “oh crap” moment. You open up your MBP and nothing happens. You reboot and your Macbook Pro boots to a dark screen. Everything was fine yesterday, but now just nothing. Hairs start standing up on the back of your neck while you consider what exactly is on your machine that is not backed up. Sweat starts building on your forehead as you try to think of what to do. Sound familiar? Well – its now happened to me…
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CES Day 3 – The Final Day


CES Day 3 will be the last day for me. I’ve had to move up my flight home so that I can go on another business trip on Monday. My feet are sore, but I’m ready to hit the pavement and get over to the Sands Expo and Convention Center to check out the latest in Digital Health/Wellness solutions, Home Automation, and IoT technologies. CES Day 3: Wearables Holy smokes! I remember when I got my first Fitbit almost 4…
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CES Day 2 – The BIG Day


CES Day 2, the BIG day, is here, but before we get to that it is also Eureka day! Eureka is the startup and venture funding area where ultra-small companies are showing what is coming 5 years from now. We explored this area in great detail today and will go back tomorrow to finish up. We saw lots of great ideas and lots of things that are seemingly odd, strange, or just not very good. However the enthusiasm of this…
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CES 2016 Las Vegas

Intel's booth showing mostly PCs and processors. Didn't see too much sports stuff.

I’m headed out to the CES 2016 Las Vegas conference this year. We have a few things being shown at the event. I’ve never been to CES before. It is a huge event with about 200,000 people attending this year. Wow! There are at least 4 casinos and the Las Vegas convention center involved in this crazy thing. There’s a bunch of sites out there that can give you the full coverage (recommend the Verge CES, but CNET is ok…
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