Sep 22

Whoo-Hoo – Speed!

Many thanks to Tarn’s hosting provider Mochahost for a mega-upgrade! Things were slow – really slow. I complained and Mochahost upgraded me to a new box, PHP 5.6 and a bunch of other goodies! Really cool – page renders are about 300% faster now. Giddy up!

Aug 17

Visual Simulation and Prototyping

The use of visual simulation and prototyping tools are critical for today’s web and mobile software developer. These tools allow users and developers to collaborate on user experience, screen/storyboard flows, and the interaction model before taking the time to write code. Using these tools can have a profound impact on speed and cost. Over the …

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Aug 05

Working with Java on OS-X: Tips and Tricks


Working with Java on OS-X Mavericks can have its pit falls…well working with Java on anything has pit falls, but OS-X has its own quirks. I’ve been working with Java for longer than I can believe – I suppose I remember the 1.0x days. I’ve been away from it for quite some time, using Python, …

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Jul 27

OS-X, NGINX, and Symfony2 – What a Party!

Symfony2 on Nginx

Google on OS-X, nginx, and Symfony2 and you’ll pull up a ton of posts. However I find them all confusing or missing pieces. Maybe I’m getting slow…maybe I’m not the command line guru…but in this post I will give you my take on how to setup these tools on OS-X Mavericks. Why? Well – I’m …

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May 07

Powerpoint is Killing Writing

Powerpoint is killing good writing skills in the business world. This is a terrible problem afflicting enterprises…and my personal sanity is suffering too. While Powerpoint slides can be useful for presentations at some point the medium lacks the ability to communicate the written word. Countless hours of mind numbing meetings are wasted trying to squeeze …

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